Forex Trade Strategy

These are some proven Forex trading strategies {According to time frame: -Long-Term → Short- Term}


Carry-Trade Strategy

Carry Traders are among the most profitable Forex traders. Carry Trade means selling a low-interest rate currency and buying the same amount of a high-interest-rate currency. The concept is to make money based on the interest-rate differential. The key is to open positions at the right time. The right time means that a Forex pair has recently completed a correctional wave and it is ready to move the opposite direction.

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Swing-Trade Strategy

Swing trading involves opening and closing positions that last from several days to several weeks. The key is to find a strong trend that is near to complete a correctional wave. Traders must use low capital leverage and accept the trades only if the Reward/Risk ratio is more than 3.

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MACD Divergence / Pivot Points Strategy

This is a reversal strategy based on MACD divergences which are very reliable on spotting potential reversals (M30 to D1 charts). After detecting a divergence between MACD and the Price Chart, the trader must make sure that the price is near a pivot point. If these two conditions are met, the trader opens a position at the opening of the next candle.


Forex Rebates / Breakout Strategy

A Forex Rebate plan provides the opportunity to make money based on your trading volumes. An intraday breakout strategy can fit perfectly with this opportunity provided by a rebate plan.

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London Momementum Trade

When the London session commences (08:00 am GMT), the Forex market volatility booms. This strategy is very effective when a pair starts to move directionally or it retraces from an area of strong support/resistance.


Best Forex Trading Strategies